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Thanks for this Year and Reminders Moving Forward

Parents and Players

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the cooperation and effort that it took to complete the 2020 football season.  We all faced unique challenges this year, and without hard work and sacrifice from parents, players and the HRTA, our boys would have missed out on a lot of valuable experiences. Seniors, I appreciate everything you have done for our program these past four years.  You have my enduring respect and that of all of your teammates.  Underclassmen, we have a lot of positive things to build on from this year, and it is important that we work together starting now to accomplish all that we want.

Here are some reminders and updates as we enter the off-season. Things are always subject to change based on our circumstances, but this is our plan:

  • We cannot have a banquet this winter. We are looking to schedule something in the spring if that becomes possible. We may distribute apparel and some other materials before then if it is appropriate. 
  • All seniors whose families are members of the HRTA will receive a $500 scholarship.  Seniors need to submit essays on what Hillsborough Football means to you by December 1.  I posted the submission form on Google Classroom. The best essay gets an extra $250. 
  • For returning players, we will have position and class leadership meetings throughout the off-season.  Notifications will be posted in Google Classroom. This will allow us to check in on our training and maintain our team connection while we are away
  • We will start virtual Strength Training sessions with Coach McFarland from 2:30-3:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We start Monday, November 30.  I will post joining details on our Google Classroom before then.  We will begin to meet in person as soon as that is possible. 

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! Please reach out if there is anything I can do to help. 


Coach Carty

by posted 11/25/2020
Radio Streaming For Tonight's Game - Central Jersey Sports R

While the video of tonight's game will not be streamed, Central Jersey Sports Radio just added our game.  If you would like to listen live to the broadcast, here is the link:

by posted 11/20/2020
Comgratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     TJ Schultz

Senior Scholarship Award                     Andrew Rygiel

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Jon Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Franklin Wasserman

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Thomas Amankwaa

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Matt Michinard

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Jeff Kelly Award       (Defense)               Tim Franks

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)/       

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis/Tom Ramsey 

by posted 12/06/2019
Procedures for Receiving HRTA Scholarship

All active senior players whose parents are members in good standing of the HRTA are eligible for  a scholarship. Here is the procedure to collect it:

  • Must Sell 25 Raider cards
  • Write an essay about what Hillsborough Football means to you and turn it in by December 2
  • Use this link to turn in the essay.  (The link has also been sent to every senior player.)
  • Later in the year, show Coach Carty something that proves college registration.
  • Coach Carty will get you a check soon after. 

by posted 11/15/2019
HHS Banquet 2019 Coaches Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     Tom Zdroik

Senior Scholarship Award                     Ryan Schafer

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Andrew Schemm, John Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Derek Fenimore

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Justin Nitschke, Dylan Boczon

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Tom Ramsey

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Tawe Tawe    

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis

by posted 07/09/2019
Banquet Video and Awards

Here is a link to the video


Congratulations to the 2017 Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Senior Scholarship Award                     Trevor Pavenski

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Norm Washington

Joe Paulino Award   (Special Teams)     JR Metallo

 Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Noah Quick

                                                                 Justin Brown

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Charles Amankwaa

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Matt Moore

Ricky Proehl Award   (Team MVP/WR)            Jackson Parham    

Joe Adochio Award    ( Team MVP)         Tyler Boatwright


by posted 09/01/2017