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Second Annual Mark Hoffer Memorial Golf Outing - 2020 Info

Registration for the Second Annual Mark Hoffer Memorial Golf Outing

is Officially Open! 


Please join us for a fun-filled day of golf in honor of Mark Hoffer.  Our outing will be held on Monday, September 14, 2020 at Royce Brook Golf Club.  Attached please find our official flyer and registration form with all of the information.  We also have several sponsorship opportunities available if you or your organization is interested in sponsoring an item for our event. 

The proceeds from this event go to the Mark Hoffer Fund, which has so generously awarded scholarships to four of our senior football players in the last two years. 

 Flyer and Registration Form


Varsity Practice 9/26 - 8-11 am at HES

As we announced after practice today, tomorrow's Varsity practice will be held from 8-11 am at HES.  Check-in will begin at 7:45 on the 206 side of the school, just like for our summer workouts. 

by posted 09/25/2020
Pictures October 6 2:45PM link to form Rose Picture Form.pdf

Pictures have been rescheduled to October 6 at 2:45PM



by posted 09/23/2020
Transportation Waiver Form

We will be providing buses to each away event this season.  However, if you would feel safer transporting your son yourself this year, please fill out this waiver.  For the Bridgwater scrimmage this week, varsity players should arrive at 4:10 on Thursday and freshman players should arrive at 8:10 on Saturday. 

Transportation Waiver - Football

by posted 09/23/2020
Schedule Updates 9/24-9/26

Due to our construction, pictures will be not be on Friday. Here is our most updated schedule.  As always, thank you for your patience and flexibility.


  • 9/24 - 5:30 Scrimmage at @BR - Bus leaves at 3:45
  • 9/25 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/26 - Practice TBA


  • 9/24 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/25 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/26 - 9:00 Scrimmage at @BR - Bus leaves at 7:45

by posted 09/23/2020
Freshman Scrimmage - Moved to Saturday 9 AM at BR

Due to the uncertainty of the status of our football statdium for Thursday, our Freshman scrimmage vs. Bridgewater has been moved to 9:00 AM on Saturday at Bridgewater HS. Transportation details will be shared shortly, but buses will be available. The freshmen will practice on Thursday from 2:45-5 at Apex.

by posted 09/22/2020
Practice Schedule for this Week - at Apex until Further Notice

Here is the practice schedule for the week. We will be at Apex until further notice, so we may be back home by the end of the week.  If so I will update the schedule. Please arrive at the starting time of practice, as it takes into account the necessary check-in time. All check-in procedures can be found on this website (


  • 9/21 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/22 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/23 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/24 - 5:30 Scrimmage at @BR - Details TBA
  • 9/25 - 2:45 - Team pictures at HHS - Practice to follow
  • 9/26 - Practice TBA


  • 9/21 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/22 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/23 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/24 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads - Apex
  • 9/25 - 2:45 - Team pictures at HHS - Practice to follow
  • 9/26 - 9:00 Scrimmage at @BR - Details TBA

by posted 09/20/2020
Saturday Schedule - Var/JV 1-4 @ Apex - Freshmen Off

This Saturday, September 19, the Varsity will be practicing at Apex from 1-4.  We will check in at 1:00, so please don't arrive too much earlier than that. As there is only one field available, the Freshmen will have Saturday off. I really apologize for the frequent changes in the schedule, but until we can get back at the school, we have to do the best we can to practice when we can get field availabilty.  If these late changes cause conflicts that cause players to miss, we understand.  I realize this can be difficult on familes, but we are just trying to get the guys out there playing as much as we can in these circumstances. I will release next week's schedule as soon as I have the relevant details, but expect it to be similar to this week, location TBA.  We scrimmage on 9/24, Varsity/JV at Bridgewater, Freshmen at home (both at 5:30). Details will come out when we have them.  Thank you for your cooperation in starting this year.  The guys have been doing an awesome job!

by posted 09/17/2020
Schedule Updates this Week

A couple of important scheduling notes for the week of 9/14

  • We will be handing out equipment at the school at 1:00 on Thursday, 9/17. If players need lower pads or anything else that was not available last week, please attend this session.  I will also be registering the personal helmets with sensors.  If you have one of these helmets, please bring it with you. We will use the following schedule.  Please remain in your cars until your group is ready. 
    • Seniors - 1:00
    • Juniors - 1:15
    • Sophomores - 1:30
    • Freshmen - 1:45
  • Due to Rosh Hashanah, practices on Friday and Saturday are optional. If any player needs to miss due to religious observance, that is certainly excused. 
  • Our Saturday schedule is still TBA.  We are awaiting confirmation on school availability.  We will definitely have one (optional) practice in the morning.  The Varsity may have a second in the afternoon. 

by posted 09/15/2020
Link to Google Classroom - Varsity

After Thursday's workout, we will have only virtual meetings until practice starts on September 11. Varsity players should this Google Classroom for all of our meeting information:

Link To Varsity Football 2020 Google Classroom

by posted 08/26/2020
Google Classroom Link - Freshmen


Use this link to register for our football Google Classroom. Please register before Monday, 8/31, and we will register you for Hudl and Just Plays (playbook) accounts. 

Link to 2020 Freshman Google Classroom

by posted 08/26/2020
Comgratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     TJ Schultz

Senior Scholarship Award                     Andrew Rygiel

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Jon Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Franklin Wasserman

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Thomas Amankwaa

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Matt Michinard

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Jeff Kelly Award       (Defense)               Tim Franks

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)/       

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis/Tom Ramsey 

by posted 12/06/2019
Procedures for Receiving HRTA Scholarship

All active senior players whose parents are members in good standing of the HRTA are eligible for  a scholarship. Here is the procedure to collect it:

  • Must Sell 25 Raider cards
  • Write an essay about what Hillsborough Football means to you and turn it in by December 2
  • Use this link to turn in the essay.  (The link has also been sent to every senior player.)
  • Later in the year, show Coach Carty something that proves college registration.
  • Coach Carty will get you a check soon after. 

by posted 11/15/2019
HHS Banquet 2019 Coaches Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     Tom Zdroik

Senior Scholarship Award                     Ryan Schafer

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Andrew Schemm, John Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Derek Fenimore

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Justin Nitschke, Dylan Boczon

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Tom Ramsey

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Tawe Tawe    

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis

by posted 07/09/2019
Banquet Video and Awards

Here is a link to the video


Congratulations to the 2017 Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Senior Scholarship Award                     Trevor Pavenski

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Norm Washington

Joe Paulino Award   (Special Teams)     JR Metallo

 Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Noah Quick

                                                                 Justin Brown

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Charles Amankwaa

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Matt Moore

Ricky Proehl Award   (Team MVP/WR)            Jackson Parham    

Joe Adochio Award    ( Team MVP)         Tyler Boatwright


by posted 09/01/2017