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Tickets for Friday's Game at North Hunterdon

Mr. Davis will be selling tickets today at 2:30 for Friday's North Hunterdon game.  They are $5 each, and we will limit to two per player.  When players hand in the money, they will be given wristbands that will be used for admission.  The game will also be live-streamed for people who are unable to attend. 

by posted 10/21/2020
Practice Schedule for the Week of 10/19

Here is the practice schedule for the week.  All practices are at HHS.  We are adding in outside weight training to the beginning of many practices. Unless othewise indicated, please arrive at the starting time of practice, as it takes into account the necessary check-in time. All check-in procedures can be found on this website (


  • 10/19 - 2:45 - 5:00 - Varsity Practice (uppers) - 5:30 JV Game at HHS.  Arrive at 4:30 for Pre-Game. Bring your buckets. 
  • 10/20 - 2:45-6:00 - Full pads
  • 10/21 - 2:45-6:00 - Full pads
  • 10/22 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads
  • 10/23 - 6:00 Varsity Game at North Hunterdon - Bus leaves at 4:30
  • 10/24 - Off


  • 10/19 - 4:00 Game vs. PBurg at HHS - Report at 2:45
  • 10/20 - Off
  • 10/21 - 3:00 5:15 - Full pads
  • 10/22 - 3:00 5:15 - Full pads
  • 10/23 - 3:00-5:15 - Full pads
  • 10/24 - 9:00-10:30 - Full pads

by posted 10/18/2020
Ticket and Streaming Info for PBurg Game


If you are attending the game tomorrow, there are no actual tickets/passes. If you turned in ticket money this week, just give your son's name at the gate and they will let you in. 

If you are unable to attend the game, you can watch it live on YouTube.  Here is the link:

HHS Football vs. PBurg 2020

Thanks for cheering us on wherever you are. 

Coach Carty

by posted 10/16/2020
Friday/Saturday Schedule Updates

Due to the weather and our inability to go indoors, Freshman practice is cancelled for today, 10/16.  The freshmen will practice from 9-10:30 tomorrow morning as scheduled. 

Varsity practice will be from 2:45-4:00 today.  The abbreviated time will include O/D team and special teams preparation.Only players who are on the 1st and 2nd team depth chart for offense, defense or special teams and the players who have been on the scout team offense this week need to attend.  

The bus leaves at 3:15 tomorrow.  Please arrive by 2:50 for check in. 

by posted 10/16/2020
Ticket Info for Saturday's PBurg Game

For this Saturday's 6:00 game at Phillipsburg, we will be limited to 2 tickets for each player.  They are for family members only and are non-transferrable. I realize that this in not ideal for us, but local districts set the policies for their home games.  The game also will be live-streamed for the fans who cannot make it, and I will put out the link before Saturday.  Mr. Davis will be at the fieldhouse today and tomorrow beginning at 2:30 to collect ticket money. Please bring exact change in marked envelopes. Tickets are $5.00 each. Families will not be given actual tickets, but their names will be put on a list that will be checked at the gate.

by posted 10/14/2020
Senior Parent Introductions Moved to 10/30

After monitoring the forecast, there still is a very good chance that it will be rainy and cold this evening.  In order to make the experience more enjoyable for families and maximize photo opportunites, we will postpone our player/parent introductions to October 30 when we host Hunterdon Central. We are still excited and ready to kick off our home game vs. Watchung Hills tonight at 6:15!

by posted 10/12/2020
Practice Schedule for the Week of 10/12

Here is the practice schedule for the week.  All practices are at HHS.  We are adding in outside weight training to the beginning of many practices. Unless othewise indicated, please arrive at the starting time of practice, as it takes into account the necessary check-in time. All check-in procedures can be found on this website (


  • 10/13 - 2:45-5:00 - Varsity Practice - JV Off
  • 10/14 - 2:45-6:00 - Full pads
  • 10/15 - 2:45-6:00 - Full pads
  • 10/16 - 2:45-5:00 - Full pads
  • 10/17 - 6:00 Varsity Game at Phillipsburg - Bus leaves at 3:15
  • 10/18 - Off
  • 10/19 - 5:30 JV Game vs. PBurg at HHS. Varsity Practice 2:45-5:00


  • 10/13 - Off
  • 10/14 - 3:00 5:15 - Full pads
  • 10/15 - 3:00 5:15 - Full pads
  • 10/16 - 3:00 5:15 - Full pads
  • 10/17 - 9:00-10:30 - Full pads
  • 10/18 - Off
  • 10/19 - 4:00 Game vs. PBurg at HHS

by posted 10/11/2020
Updates for Monday vs. Watchung

Parents and Players

Here are a few updates regarding our 6:15 varsity football game vs. Watchung Hills. 

  • As of now, the weather is looking favorable to proceed with our pre-game introductions for senior parents.  Senior parents should meet in the fieldhouse-side end zone at 5:30, to prepare for a 5:45 walk-out. We will continue to monitor the weather and update if we need to make changes. 
  • All players should arrive by 4:00 - 3:30 if you need treatment. 
  • As a precaution in case we get heavy rains in the afternoon/evening, if anyone has a pop-up tent that they would like to let us borrow, we will set them up in our locker room area (the baseball outfield). Please drop them off by the ticket booth before 3:00 and be sure to label them with your name.  Our maintenace department will set them up if we feel they will be useful.  We will be sure to practice social distancing under the tents.  Our school attempted to rent larger tents, but they are unavailable due to their widespread use in restaurants. 
  • For our fans who are unable to attend, the varsity game will once again be streamed by the HSG Network.  Here is the link: Hillsborough Football vs. Watchung Hills 2020. 
  • I will post the weekly practice schedule for all levels on later today. 
  • The Freshman bus is leaving at 1:45. Please arrive at 1:30 for check-in. The game is at 3:30 at Watchung Hills. 

I'm looking forward to a great night of football tomorrow!


Coach Carty

by posted 10/11/2020
Senior Night Procedures

Parents and Players

Monday's game vs. Watchung Hills is scheduled to be Senior Night. We sent out a form on Google Classroom to collect the names of senior family members who will be in attendance.  As of now, the weather forecast for Monday calls for heavy rain all day.  We know that that may change, but we will continue to monitor the weather through Monday.  If the weather turns out to be bad on Monday, we will still play the game, but we will move the parent introductions to our final home game against Hunterdon Central on 10/30.  We will give out more information on Monday.

Also, our varsity game next week at Phillipsburg will be held on Saturday, 10/17 at 6:00.

Thanks a lot

Coach Carty


by posted 10/09/2020
Pictures October 6 2:45PM link to form Rose Picture Form.pdf

Pictures have been rescheduled to October 6 at 2:45PM



by posted 09/23/2020
Link to Google Classroom - Varsity

After Thursday's workout, we will have only virtual meetings until practice starts on September 11. Varsity players should this Google Classroom for all of our meeting information:

Link To Varsity Football 2020 Google Classroom

by posted 08/26/2020
Google Classroom Link - Freshmen


Use this link to register for our football Google Classroom. Please register before Monday, 8/31, and we will register you for Hudl and Just Plays (playbook) accounts. 

Link to 2020 Freshman Google Classroom

by posted 08/26/2020
Comgratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     TJ Schultz

Senior Scholarship Award                     Andrew Rygiel

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Jon Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Franklin Wasserman

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Thomas Amankwaa

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Matt Michinard

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Jeff Kelly Award       (Defense)               Tim Franks

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)/       

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis/Tom Ramsey 

by posted 12/06/2019
Procedures for Receiving HRTA Scholarship

All active senior players whose parents are members in good standing of the HRTA are eligible for  a scholarship. Here is the procedure to collect it:

  • Must Sell 25 Raider cards
  • Write an essay about what Hillsborough Football means to you and turn it in by December 2
  • Use this link to turn in the essay.  (The link has also been sent to every senior player.)
  • Later in the year, show Coach Carty something that proves college registration.
  • Coach Carty will get you a check soon after. 

by posted 11/15/2019
HHS Banquet 2019 Coaches Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     Tom Zdroik

Senior Scholarship Award                     Ryan Schafer

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Andrew Schemm, John Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Derek Fenimore

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Justin Nitschke, Dylan Boczon

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Tom Ramsey

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Tawe Tawe    

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis

by posted 07/09/2019
Banquet Video and Awards

Here is a link to the video


Congratulations to the 2017 Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Senior Scholarship Award                     Trevor Pavenski

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Norm Washington

Joe Paulino Award   (Special Teams)     JR Metallo

 Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Noah Quick

                                                                 Justin Brown

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Charles Amankwaa

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Matt Moore

Ricky Proehl Award   (Team MVP/WR)            Jackson Parham    

Joe Adochio Award    ( Team MVP)         Tyler Boatwright


by posted 09/01/2017