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Reminders for Next Week

Parents and Players


I hope everyone has enjoyed the first half of summer and is as excited as I am to get started with practice next week.  Here are a few reminders:


  • Practice starts for Varsity on August 10.  We will pass out equipment at 8:00 in the locker room by the HHS gym.  Players will be able to store equipment in the fieldhouse before practice.  They will get lockers and can bring locks to lock up valuables. We have meetings scheduled for 12 and plan to be on the field from 1-4. If equipment pickup and other organization goes quickly we may get on the field a little earlier - we will post that on Google Classroom if so. 


  • We will have a meeting for all parents on August 10 at 7pm in the HHS Commons to discuss expectations for the upcoming season.


  • Registration forms for the Kickoff Brunch - which will be held at 1:30 on August 20 in the cafeteria at ARIS (the HHS commons is undergoing renovations), and HRTA membership can be found on the website now as well. Please fill out these forms online or print them and turn them in at the 8/10 meeting. 


  • Practice starts for Freshmen on August 12.  They will get equipment by the HHS gym at 8:00 and be dismissed from the field at 11:00. 


  • A practice schedule for the month of August can be found on the website under the Summer Schedule tab.  


  • Please ensure that you have turned in all required paperwork as soon as you can.  The list of necessary forms can be found on the website. Players who have not filled out Family ID will not show up on the eligibility reports to see what else is necessary, so please be sure to do that. 


Thanks a lot

Coach Carty


by posted 08/05/2022
Important - Impact Test Information

The Impact test is now up and running.  If you need to take it (freshmen, juniors, and new athletes), please do so as soon as you can, using the instructions below. You will not be able to start official practice until it is completed.  

For athletes:
What is the ImPACT test:
The ImPACT test is an online computer test used to test different aspects of brain function. This test is set up to record a baseline score of cognitive function in order to be used as a tool in the return to play process if an athlete sustains a concussion. It does not diagnose a concussion.

Who needs to test?:
All incoming Freshmen, returning Juniors, all transfers, and any athlete who has not taken the test before (this could include Sophomores and Seniors), must take this test to establish their baseline on ImPACT before being eligible for practice.

When do you need to complete this test?:
Football by August 1st. Tennis by August 10th. All Others by August 15th.

Here are the directions:
Athletes, when using your chromebooks, do not use VMWare when you log in. This program causes the test to run slowly and may cause you to have to retake the test. 


Once you have logged in, please follow all of the directions and fill in the drop down boxes. 

     There will be a screen that appears after some initial demographics that will ask you to "skip additional demographics" or "enter additional demographics". Please click "enter additional demographics" and there will be a section that will ask you what sport you play. Please choose the sport in which you intend to participate in for the winter season.

Make sure that you complete the test so you do not have to retake it. There will be a screen at the end of the test stating that you have completed the test and will give you options to print or email your results. Please email a receipt to yourself so you can have a copy of your PASSPORT ID in case we need it to confirm your test results.

***Please take your time, read the directions thoroughly, set yourself free from any distractions (ie: phones, television, video games, music, people who may cause distraction, etc.) and do your best on this test as your results are part of our return to play protocol should you sustain a concussion.*** 
Low scores cause the test to be marked as "invalid" and you will have to retake the test. You must have a "valid" test score in order to begin participating in practice. 

After completing your test, please do not email the athletic trainers directly to know if your test is valid. If you do not hear from one of us or your coach, assume all is well with your test scores. You will be notified directly if further action is required.

Go to:

  -- there will be a box for you to enter the customer code
  -- enter the code FDB59F2F24 and click "Validate"
           **if you copy and paste the above code, please make sure there is no space at the end of the code. You will not be able to click the "validate" button if there is a space**
  -- "Hillsborough High School" should appear under the code box          
  -- click "Launch Baseline Test" and your test will begin

Good luck everyone!


Michael Shiffman, MS, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Hillsborough High School
466 Raider Blvd.
Hillsborough, NJ  08844
908-431-6600 x2747

by posted 08/01/2022

Here is the schedule for our summer workouts next week (8/1-5):  

Freshmen OL have no skill work this week, only lifting at 8:20.
7:00 - 8:15: Freshmen weight room.  Offensive session for varsity skill players.
8:20 - 9:35: Freshmen skill players on field.  Varsity OL on the field (no OL skill work on Thursday). Varsity skill players in weight room. 
9:40 - 10:30 - Varsity OL in weight room.
Don't forget to get your physical paperwork in to the nurse if you haven't yet.  Impact testing information should be out this week as well. 

by posted 07/31/2022
Links to Game Photos

Throughout the season, thanks to the Shaun O'Hara Foundation, William Hauser Photography has been taking unbeliveable in-game shots of our players.  Many of you have seen and shared these links already, but I am posting the ones I have here so everyone can access them.  I will add to this list when I have more links.

Phillipsburg Photos - Use password HFB21


Ridge Photos - Use password HBFB21


Freshman Photos vs. Ridge - Use password HBFB21


Piscataway Photos - Use password HB21


New Brunswick Photos - Use passworkd HBFB21


Williamstown Photos - Use password HBFB21


Sectional Finals Photos - North Brunswick - (First Batch) Use password Champs


Regional Championship vs. Kingsway - Use password HBFB21


Photos from Ring Distribution - Use password HB FB RING

by posted 10/29/2021
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