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Streaming Link for Regional Championship vs. Kingsway

If you can't make it to Rutgers this Saturday at 1:00 for our Regional Championship Game vs. Kingsway, here is the streaming link.  This week is streaming all of the championship games. 

2021 South Jersey Group 5 Regional Championship - Hillsborough vs. Kingsway

by posted 12/03/2021
Important Dates for Next Week

Parents and players

Here are a few quick reminders/announcements on some important upcoming dates:

  • All equipment not needed for the game should be turned in by Friday, 12/3 (except for personal helmets). We will be collecting Guardian Caps and practice pants after practice on Thursday and practice jerseys on Friday. We will collect the rest of the Varsity equipment after the game on Saturday. 

  • Championship ring sizing will be at 2:45 on Tuesday, 12/7.  All senior, junior, and sophomore players should attend in the Commons.  It should not take long if you need to leave for a winter sport practice. Freshmen will receive shirts commemorating their own undefeated season.

  • Personal helmet pickup will be after school on Wednesday, 12/8. If you own your own helmet, it must be turned in after every season for reconditioning.  Please be sure to fill out your green tag (if you received one) before coming.

  • Off-season strength and conditioning with Coach McFarland starts next week in the upper weight room with Coach McFarland for the players who do not have winter sports.  Our sessions will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:45-3:45.

I can’t  wait to see everyone at Rutgers on Saturday!


Coach Carty


by posted 12/02/2021

Tickets for the championship game vs. Kingsway are available here:

by posted 11/28/2021
Practice Schedule for the Week of 11/29

Here is the practice schedule for this week. We are going to play Kingsway at Rutgers in the Regional Championship.  Ticket information will be posted when it becomes available. 

Monday - Varsity Lift 2:45-3:15, Practice on field 3:30-5:45 (full pads). 

Tuesday - Varsity Lift 2:40-3:15. Practice (full pads) 3:30-5:45. 

Wednesday - Defensive Film Meeting 2:40-3:15. JV Lift 2:40-3:15.  Kickers/Snappers on field 3:15. Practice (full pads) 3:30-5:45.

Thursday - Practice. Varsity Lift 2:40-3:15. Practice (full pads) 3:30-5:45.3:30-5:15 on field.  JV Lift 2:40-3:10.  Varsity OL/TE/RB/QB Meeting 2:40.

Friday -  JV Lift 2:40-3:10.  Varsity OL/TE/RB/QB Meeting 2:40. Practice (uppers) 3:30-5:15 on field.  

Saturday - Regional Championship vs. Kingsway at 1pm. Bus leaves at 10:30.


by posted 11/28/2021
Practice Schedule for Week of 11/22

Here is the practice schedule for this week. We are going to play Kingsway in the South Group 5 Regional Final at Rutgers at 1:00 on Saturday, December 4.

Monday - Varsity Lift 12:15-12:45, practice on field 1:00-2:45 (uppers), Varsity Defense/OL film meeting 3-4.  

Tuesday - Off 

Wednesday - JV Lift 12:15-12:45.  Kickers/Snappers on field 12:45. Practice (full pads) 1:00-3:45.

Thursday - Off.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday -  Practice (full pads) 2:30-5:00. Mandatory for 1s and 2s on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. Optional for everyone else. 

Saturday/Sunday - Off


by posted 11/21/2021
Upcoming Schedule Coming Soon

Many people have reached out about our upcoming schedule.  We are likely to find out the date and location of our Regional Championship game tomorrow. When I find out, I will post the schedule on the website. 

by posted 11/20/2021
Streaming Link for Tonight's Sectional Final

For those of you that can't make it to tonight's Sectional Final vs. North Brunswick, here is the You Tube streaming link:

Hillsborough vs. North Brunswick - 2021 Central Jersey Group 5 Final

by posted 11/19/2021
Links to Game Photos

Throughout the season, thanks to the Shaun O'Hara Foundation, William Hauser Photography has been taking unbeliveable in-game shots of our players.  Many of you have seen and shared these links already, but I am posting the ones I have here so everyone can access them.  I will add to this list when I have more links.


Phillipsburg Photos - Use password HFB21


Ridge Photos - Use password HBFB21


Freshman Photos vs. Ridge - Use password HBFB21


Piscataway Photos - Use password HB21


New Brunswick Photos - Use passworkd HBFB21


Williamstown Photos - Use password HBFB21


Sectional Finals Photos - North Brunswick - (First Batch) Use password Champs

by posted 10/29/2021
Comgratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     TJ Schultz

Senior Scholarship Award                     Andrew Rygiel

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Jon Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Franklin Wasserman

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Thomas Amankwaa

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Matt Michinard

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Jeff Kelly Award       (Defense)               Tim Franks

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)/       

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis/Tom Ramsey 

by posted 12/06/2019
HHS Banquet 2019 Coaches Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer Award     Tom Zdroik

Senior Scholarship Award                     Ryan Schafer

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Andrew Schemm, John Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Derek Fenimore

Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Justin Nitschke, Dylan Boczon

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Tom Ramsey

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)                    Tawe Tawe    

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis

by posted 07/09/2019
Banquet Video and Awards

Here is a link to the video


Congratulations to the 2017 Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Senior Scholarship Award                     Trevor Pavenski

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Norm Washington

Joe Paulino Award   (Special Teams)     JR Metallo

 Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Noah Quick

                                                                 Justin Brown

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Charles Amankwaa

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Matt Moore

Ricky Proehl Award   (Team MVP/WR)            Jackson Parham    

Joe Adochio Award    ( Team MVP)         Tyler Boatwright


by posted 09/01/2017